Expert Advice


We do not follow best practice we create it. As the Managing Director, Dr Sara Cullen, a leading global expert on outsourcing and contract management, gives the Cullen Group its unique capabilities to bring its proven methods and expertise to its clients. The Cullen Group regularly publishes best practice on a regular basis – both academic research and commercial practice.


We only work on one major project at a time. Because of our commitment to our clients and our choice to be a highly valued strategic partner, we do not over-extend our resources. We are in a fortunate position to be able to limit our work to only projects where we add significant value.


We only employ senior specialists, thus we do not have a need to create work for junior staff. Furthermore, we believe you require skills as a core competence and work towards instilling such competence, so that you can become self-sufficient and have less need for consultants, including us !

Advising both buyers and sellers in outsourcing and contracting arrangements, creating and disseminating global best practice, the Cullen Group has a proven approach that ensures the project outcomes are achieved in the most successful manner.

Our consulting services include

  • Lifecycle and project management/support
  • Sourcing and contracting strategies and approaches
  • Risk assessment, mitigation and management
  • Cost and service performance baselining
  • Market reviews, feasibility studies and business cases
  • Selection and scoping of activities to be outsourced
  • Feasibility studies and business cases
  • Tender strategies, preparation, criteria and evaluations
  • Due diligence (financial, solution, price, contractual)
  • Preparation of contracts and service level agreements
  • Key performance indicators and incentive/recourse schemes
  • Design of organisational structure and contract management function
  • Relationship design, formation and management
  • Negotiation, re-negotiation and remediation
  • Transition planning (mobilisation and disengagement)
  • Reviews and audits of suppliers and contract
  • Pricing