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Cloud Insights- Outsourcing to the Cloud

This time, Cloud looks here to stay, and quite possibly overtaking all other forms of outsourcing.  Even the low cost model of offshoring can’t compete – no labor is cheaper than cheap labor.

Cloud Insights- Tricks & Traps of the Cloud

The cloud is here and screaming for attention.  Every strategic IT group within the legacy organizations I am working with has been mandated by the senior executives to have a cloud strategy by the end of this year to rollout in 2015.  Not to meet a particular business strategy per se, but to be seen to be doing otherwise is being seen as doing nothing.

Cloud Insights- IAAS Contracts

Cloud computing agreements vary widely across the many providers and the many forms of cloud services.  The contract can range from a vendor’s standardized click-wrap agreement for a vanilla SaaS to a multi-layered, heavily negotiated contract comprised of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS in public and private clouds.